Personal Projects

Deep West – Giving Up

This was a really fun project, the dancing robot music video. A really cool concept and I got to work with some really awesome people who all came from the film industry connected by a common friend. We all did this for the love of just making videos. The musicians are also connected into the film world which is what drew us all together. My role was as colorist and set/drone photographer.

Angel Aviation

Angel Aviation is a group of  pilots dedicated to fighting cancer the only way they know how, through flying. They pick up people who have a need for transportation but due to health issues and distance, flying commercially or driving isn’t possible. I really enjoyed working with them on this as I felt that what they/I was doing really mattered. It was also my first time learning about the world of aviation and it grabbed me and hasn’t let go. It was also fun getting yelled at by one of the guys at the airport as I snuck out on the runway to get some shots (you’ll see it at the end).

Real Estate.

The video was a concept we had to  bridge the gap between story telling and showing a house. It’s about creating an emotional connection with the audience and the home and allowing them to see what living in the house could be like while also trying to keep them engaged in the content.


This was Fuze Group’s end of the year production as we changed names to ThunderFish. It was fun to be able to work with the team on a personal project and think about what we wanted to do and get to explore some creative processes and have some fun together.

Tahoe Life Style Stand Up Paddle Boarding

One of our more consistent clients at Fuze Group Inc. was Tahoe SUP. We have worked on a lot of the media they put out and this video comes from grabs of another project we were working on with them called The Explore Project. These clips were pieced together from when we went up their to do pick up shots and it really embodies lifestyle of the SUP individual in Lake Tahoe.

The New Limb “Birds and Stuff”

I had the privilege to edit this music video for a  band called The New Limb when I was finishing school. The drummer is actually long time friend and I was happy to be a part of this project. It was nominated for best music video at the Orange County Music Awards (OCMA’s). It didn’t win but this was the first project I worked on that was published outside of my friends, family, or school and I still like to look back on it because it reminds me of that excitement and fear of showing something you worked hard on to the world for the first time.

The Interrogation

This little flick was a short I wrote in college and my friend and I decided would be fun to film over spring break. Nior’s can be a lot of fun to work on because you get to play with contrast and light and I really got to play with that in all area’s of producing this short.

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