2012 is close

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. The new year is now less than a week away and it of course has made me think a little of the past year (and maybe a little bit past that too). However it has also made me think of the future year and what it hold for me. We are starting a new production company and although we don’t know how it will end up we have high hopes. I am not really sure where we will go but using our past connections and having a new drive is kind of getting me excited about what the year will hold. We made a new video which I have posted to the companies new youtube page and here on my page. It is about the current state of our generation’s reality. With the occupy movement, worldwide economic decline, and increasing environmental challenges, it seems there is an overwhelming lack of hope for the future. We realize we have been sold a dream that can never be delivered. However, we believe in the human spirit and our ability to create beauty and hope for the future. I hope you enjoy and I hope that everyone has a great year. A little side not too, I hope the world doesn’t end like everyone is saying but we got 12 months left so lets go out with a bang if it does. Carpe Diem

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