British Colombia

So I haven’t posted in a while but I thought it was about time. I have been up in BC for a little while now working at a camp near princeton called Rockridge Canyon. It is a YoungLife Camp near princeton and I have been mixing the music at night. It has been super fun. The best part I think is how there is always a random thunderstorm. Being from southern California I don’t really get to see it rain ever but it has rained almost everyday since getting into Vancouver a few weeks ago. I have been getting photos and as soon as I get home I will be able to post them. 

Last night we drove over to a town called Pentikton. It is in the Okanaga valley and it has the worst theater I have ever been in. It was super entertaining actually. They theater had a floor that went down and then back up toward the screen, the screen itself wasn’t centered in the room, and it didn’t even have surround sound. That’s right, I watched The Dark Night Rises in stereo and I am pretty sure the speakers were blown but it’s hard to tell with how crappy the theater was. It could just be a bad job of going back to stereo. On the way back we got caught in a thunderstorm driving on this school bus hoping to not get struck because I was most definitely touching the metal on the bus directly. One thing I do appreciate is that when it rains up here nobody freaks out. It’s kinda nice.

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