Klamath Explore Project

The Klamath Explore Project is the second in a series of adventure videos where the guys from Tahoe SUP take to the water to explore places not normally seen by people. Thunderfish, my company, filmed this project and the second episode was a little bit delayed in the start of post production because of a lack of  post-filming interview footage that we just couldn’t get because of the schedules of the athletes in the film. Luckily, near the end of January, Ben North and Enoch Kim were able to get up to Tahoe and finish this thing out so I could get started on the main edit and finish the trailer. The trailer is to be released soon and as soon as it does it will end up here.

This project was definitely more interesting than the previous episode filmed around Catalina. First off, we had a better grasp on exactly what we wanted to achieve with this documentary and because of that we where able to focus on getting what was needed. We teamed up with the Klamath River Keepers in order to properly see the entirety of the river from as far up as Orleans, CA down to the mouth of the river that dumps into the Pacific. The secondary purpose of this documentary was to show how damns are so detrimental to a river, not only because it degrades water quality but also because it keeps the salmon that have swam up stream for centuries to spawn from being able to do their thing.

The rough cut is finished and I look forward to presenting the trailer and the full length in the near futre.

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