What I’ve been up to this Winter


So I was trying to hold off on posting some pics and trying to do a whole series of the winter. I’ve decided that’s stupid, so here’s whats been going on this winter.

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Inyo National Forest


This past weekend was my good friend Morgan Nelson’s Bachelor party, so, we went camping. This place is about 20 miles outside Bishop, CA and is freaking amazing. Even after one of the driest winters we have ever had there was plenty of water still running down this awesome stream. The forest along the river was quite spectacular as well. Being inside a pretty narrow valley made the views spectacular. We were camped out around 9000 feet and the peaks were still about 2000 feet higher than we were. This is definitely a place to come back to, and with all the different locations we can choose from to camp I don’t think I’ll ever end up in the same spot because there is just so many good choices, although I would totally be okay if I retuned to the exact same spot.


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Hurricane Marie


One of the biggest swells we’ve seen in Orange County hit this week thanks to Hurricane Marie. While the wedge was still pretty epic I think that the really cool stuff came from the normally mild newport peninsula. On average, the waves here don’t get much bigger than 4 feet and we rarely see barreling shapes. A good chunk of these photo’s where taken from the 42nd street beach where the average wave was doing 12 feet and getting as big as 15. It was spectacular. I heard that the 17th street area was getting 20+ feet but I didn’t get a chance to check it out.



I wouldn’t want to be a lifeguard on a day like this. A big round of applause to these guys for braving the ridiculous surf and the unbelievable currents that go along with it.

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Dogwood Camping



The Nelsons have been inviting me up to Dogwood campground for years, but I never could make it… until now. This place was rad, and I got to sleep in a hammock for the first time.


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Whale Watching


Both my brothers live in the Dallas area so getting us all together is pretty rare. It was pretty sweet to be able to go out and chill with them on a boat today though

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Blood Moon



I had never seen a lunar eclipse before this. It was fun to see and the uniqueness of the blood moon made it more special. The moon was surprisingly dark for the blood moon portion though


Fun in my backyard


Most of the time, I find taking photo’s of things I see everyday to not be particularly interesting, that’s probably why I don’t take photo’s of them. But recently we had some fog so I thought I would give me enough of a new perspective to appreciate what is right there waiting for me. Below are photo’s from Newport’s back bay and above is a shot from the mountains overlooking the Inland Empire.

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Fall Fun

I have been trying to get out with my camera more lately and I have managed to have some fun doing it. Started off with some roommate bonding, followed by one of the best sunsets I have ever witnessed, and then some family time at the Aquarium of the pacific

San Clemente Sunset

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Friends are getting Married

It’s weird, but it happens. Congrats to my friend Morgan Nelson and Emily Irwin 


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Bridge to Somewhere

The bridge to nowhere really doesn’t make sense. It is literally a 5 mile hike from absolutely nowhere. How it got built I have no idea but I am sure google will tell me someday. It’s a bungee spot, apparently it’s the only one in the US with permits to do it off a bridge. We kidnapped my buddy Jordan Best for his birthday and went out there to have some fun. The 5am wake up call was worth it.IMG_4777

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